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AC Repair Tallahassee

When you need air conditioning repair, it's often an emergency, especially in the middle of August on the Florida panhandle! It's for this reason we offer after hours service so that we're here when you need us the most to bring refresing cool air back to your home.

Nobody really likes the word repair. Think about it...whether it has to do with your boat or automobile, repair normally means unexpected time and money vaporized. Most of our home budgets don't have an AC repair category, which means it eats into important things like the vacation fund!

Giddens Air Conditioning, Inc. helps dull the sharp edge of repair. How? With fast and accurate service. You'd be shocked to learn how many times an inexperienced contractor replaces a unit when that isn't needed. Don't spend your valuable money on something that isn't needed. Trust our extensive experience to have the job done right!

AC Repair Tallahassee - Any Make & Model

When we install new solutions for our customers, we do it with the quality foundation of Carrier equipment. However, when it comes to seasonal maintenance and AC repair for our Tallahassee customers, we are qualified to service any make and model of equipment.

No matter what brand you have, we're the contractor that you can trust to do the job according to industry best standards. We are not a fly-by-night company. When we gain a new customer, our goal is to assist you with your needs for life! Well....unless you move to say Alaska. But if you're in the panhandle, we're your best choice for quality indoor comfort solutions!
AC Repair Tallahassee
"Very knowledgeable & honest company. Giddens did a much more thorough inspection of my old a/c unit, duct work, and vents than the other companies. I replaced the original unit from 1987 which meant that the duct work and vents were that old too. Mr. Giddens was very good at explaining how to get the most out of the new unit and for it to work as efficient as possible. He explained that some of my duct work was not big enough to give max air flow. Also the vents were the old style that restricted airflow and the new type allows more air flow and can be directed as needed in the room. They were much less expensive than the higher quote and only slightly higher than the lowest quote (which didn't include changing out vents and some of the duct work). All-in-all, they did give me the best price when comparing 'apples to apples" and not just the bottom line price.

The Installation crew was very professional and courteous. They did a great job and finished slightly earlier than expected including cleaning up behind themselves (inside and outside) and showing me how to operate the new unit's thermostat.

I could not be more pleased with this company, their products and their staff. Their office called the morning of the installation to let me know they were on the way. They also called the next day to be sure everything was ok and to schedule a time for the owner, Ben Giddens to come by the house. Ben Giddens, came by the house a couple of days later to inspect their work and to be sure I was happy with everything. He also wanted to be sure everything had been explained about using the new unit and that I had all the paperwork. The following week I received an email from Giddens' A/C with my warranty."

- Janet Hamilton

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REME or Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy utilizes an electro magnetic energy cell to create Ionized-Hydro-Peroxides™, a friendly oxidizer plasma made from oxygen and humidity. This air purifying plasma is propelled into the HVAC duct or plenum by a silent plasma propulsion module that has no moving parts, for a fan or blower-less operation on a 24-hour basis.
Tallahassee Air Conditioners

Efficient Air Conditioners

Modern technology has pushed the limits of efficiency, sound levels and reliability. New air conditioners have extremely high efficiency ratings combined with enhanced features and quiet operation. Two-stage compressors are able to adjust to the need for more efficient operation, and some equipment has the ability to communicate with each other for finely tuned operation!
Packaged System Tallahassee

Packaged Systems

A typical indoor comfort system is known as a split system, because the air conditioner (or heat pump) is located outside, and the rest of the equipment (furnace or air handler, indoor coil) is located inside. Sometimes a living space doesn't have the room for the indoor equipment. in these situations a packaged system can be ideal. These contain everything in a single footprint.
Tallahassee A/C Maintenance

Seasonal Maintenance

If you want to avoid the need for AC repair Tallahassee service, then seasonal maintenance should be something you're having done on your system. Major manufacturers recommend maintenance in their equipment. Failing to do so can lead to decreased efficiency and overall system longevity. Our maintenance plan is affordable, and includes other perks that make it too good to pass up!
AC Repair Tallahassee: we appreciate the fact that you took a few moments to consider us for your indoor comfort requirements. We promise you'll be thrilled with the services that we provide!
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AC Repair Tallahassee